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Free Youth Now: An Introduction to Youth Liberation

Monday 5 October 2020

Youth Oppression Hurts Us All

The oppression of youth doesn't just harm young people -- it oppresses everyone.  

We all want freedom. But my freedom is tied to the freedom of others. We can't be free unless we are all free. 

As long as young people are segregated from the rest of society and forced to be obedient and follow strict paths against their will, the options for the rest of society are limited and we don't experience collective freedom.

When the freedom of young people is violated and oppressed, the freedom of legal adults is constrained too. It's just as hard for many adults as it is for children. Just think about all of the teachers and parents trapped in systems of oppression -- trying to control young people against their will. Think about how frustrating and stressful it is to be a strict parent of a rebellious teenager in our society.  Is that freedom? Is that a liberating relationship? I don't think so. 

In a free world, there are so many possibilities; so much creative potential; so much community and partnership. But this is lost when young people are oppressed. Age-based discrimination and restrictions limit the possibilities for young people's lives and legal adults' lives. 

The liberation of young people means the liberation of all people. 

Free Youth Now. 

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